Rules of Engagement

Be respectful. Participation in this community is meant to be positive and beneficial to all. Please refrain from negative and contentious comments. All are encouraged to share to help us learn and connect, so let’s keep it positive and rewarding for each other. Any defamatory or offensive language will be removed.

Postings should not market or sell products. This community is designed for learning and collaboration. Messages that solicit services and products will be removed.

Do not post private and confidential information. If you don’t want it shared with the rest of the world, then don’t post it.
Be as transparent as possible. This allows for opportunities to establish and gain trust especially in some of the tougher conversations.

Speak from your own experience. Sharing about yourself and your experiences provides the best and most reliable information.

Be open minded. Listen and learn. Try to avoid passing judgement and sharing criticism.

Outside of the community discussion, do not share names or any other identifying information. These communities are for learning and sharing. Participants are encouraged to have open and honest discussions, trusting that their information will not be shared outside of the group without their permission.

Give credit where credit is due. When sharing resources, properly site sources and give credit whenever possible. Do not plagiarize.